Why Proton is the Safest Car Purchase You Can Make

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Proton is a popular car brand that has been around for decades now and has proved its worth and quality over time.

Crowned with the manufacturing of Proton Exora, the first locally made MPV of Malaysia, and proton persona the ‘choice of generations’ which is now in its third generation of production, Proton has proved to be the most reliable car manufacturer locally as well as globally.

Both Proton Exora and proton persona are one of a kind in style, performance, reliability, and durability. But that is not the only selling point of the brand that earns it the reputation of the safest manufacturer to buy from. Rather, it is the Proton insurance claim program and up to 10 years long warranty of the brand.

Proton Warranty:

Warranty is the top priority along with affordability when you are thinking of purchasing a car and Proton is unmatched in both.

Proton provides up to 10 years of warranty for your car which is valid for both the car and its parts and if something is not working properly within that period, you can claim your warranty and Proton will make your car brand new again. The warranty is covered in two parts:

1. Basic Warranty:

The basic warranty of the car is up to 5 years from the date of purchase or up to a drive of 150,000 km whichever completes first. The warranty assures you that if anything in your car or your car itself is not working properly, Proton will take full responsibility for it and will either repair or replace the malfunctioning component to return you with a brand new car again.

The repair or replacement is subjected to the suitability of the parts and the condition of the car.

Similarly, Proton provides you a warranty for six months or a drive of 10,000km, whichever completes first, and takes the responsibility that if you find a fault, it will replace any part that you purchased from an authorized Proton dealer.

2. Specific Warranty:

The specific warranty covers up specific parts of your Proton car such as power windows etc.

Proton provides a warranty of 10 years or 250,000km for the power windows set of your vehicle including the regulator, motor, switches, and run channel.

For the exterior, Proton provides an anti-perforation warranty for 7 years and will be responsible to fix any such metal sheet or part that can lead to a hole due to corrosion or rusting.

Moreover, Proton also provides warranty coverage of 3 years for sensitive parts like engines, transmission be it automatic, manual, or continuously variable transmission. It also covers steering, cooling, brakes, suspension, fuel, electrical, air conditioning, navigation, audiovisual drive train, and suspension systems for the same period of 3 years since its registration.

The exhaust system and the battery are however covered with a warranty for 1 year or 20,000km despite being the parts that are the most prone to damage in any vehicle.

Proton insurance claim:

The warranty provided by Proton does not accept any claims against natural wear and tear because of usage and natural calamities, but it does provide solid insurance for your car in case you meet an accident.

It is highly recommended that you enroll yourself in the Proton insurance claim program as it provides you additional safety coverage against things out of your control. To enroll yourself, all you need to do is to call or visit a Proton service center and ask them to register you in the program.

After enrollment, if you meet an accident, you just need to call Proton and inform them about it. They will come within no time to tow your car to their nearest service center and will take care of all the damage professionals at zero cost. Your car will also be returned to you as brand new within a short period of 30 days.

The repairing will be done by Proton professionals and the parts will be replaced with genuine Proton parts that will again give you the warranty according to Proton’s policy mentioned above. The warranty of course does not cover any after-market parts and only applies to the parts that Proton takes responsibility for.